Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning


CERAP UK  has a strong expertise in nuclear HVAC and offers various services related to filter and ventilation system testing.

Filter system test

  • HEPA Filters Efficiency Test
  • Iodine Absorption Unit Tightness and Efficiency Test

Gas and particles tracing

  • Flows Measurement – Flowmeters Representativeness (Stack and Duct)
  • Facilities, Tapping of HEPA Filters Location and Sampling Line Qualification (Atmosphere Release Measurement)
  • Ambient Beacon Location Control (Migration Time)
  • Facilities Aeraulics Characterization (Dead Zone Identification and Renewal Rate)

Ventilation devices test

  • Glove Box and Containment Building/Chamber Tightness Test and Leak Detection
  • Local Ventilation Devices Test