Radiation Protection &
Nuclear Engineering Consultancy

At CERAP UK we offer several different services to support our customers for risk prevention and radiation protection management. Explore our different services below to discover how we can support your business.

Radiation Protection

Nuclear Engineering consultancy

Our Projects

Hinkley Point C

The HPC is a significant Nuclear Power Station project in Somerset, England, featuring the construction of two new reactors. It aims to provide low-carbon electricity, enhance energy security, and support the transition to sustainable energy.
Our Projects

European Spallation Source

The ESS is a state-of-the-art research facility in Lund, Sweden, that uses high-intensity protons to produce a powerful neutron beam. It enables scientist to study and understand the structure of matter in various scientific fields.

We provide a magnitude of consultancy services to fulfill  customer’s risk mitigation need and management requirements. We support the design, commissioning and construction across the full range of disciplines.

Project Management (PMO)

Nuclear Safety

Civil Engineering





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