Studies & calculations

Prior to the use of any radiological substance (sealed or unsealed source, X-ray generator, medical imaging, scanners, etc.), any user is legally obliged to address the risks through a series of studies dedicated to radiation protection. For optimal control of the dosimetry of personnel and the public, we focus our engineering on the study of workstations with biological shielding dimensioning and dynamic containment.

dimensioning studies of radiological shielding

  • Modelling and calculations.
  • Preparation of notes justifying the minimum thickness of walls, doors, floors, etc. in work areas before construction.
  • Consideration of the building’s issues and proposal of optimisations for the most accurate dimensioning in order to optimise the construction budget.
  • Participation of our engineers as technical support during the validation meetings of the dimensioning studies.

Dynamic containment studies

  • Pre-project studies: We support project management teams and give recommendations for design and positioning of aerosol monitoring and sampling devices.
  • Validation of atmosphere renewal rates in work areas prior to start-up. Proven methodology in nuclear industries such as Nuclear Facility.