Innovation for radiological protection management

CERAP is an innovative radiological protection company with many years of experience in the nuclear sector across Europe. We invest heavily in research and development both through our experienced professionals in the field and through partnership agreements with associations, private companies and universities. We have a track-record of creating and implementing new practices and innovations in the nuclear industry that has delivered tangible benefits for our customers.

With this experience we have developed new innovative radiation protection techniques creating superior risk mitigation methods and an improved approach to radiation protection

Arrex, the autonomous robot for radiological exploration

ARREX is an Autonomous Robot used as a Measuring Instrument for Radiation Monitoring. ARREX Can Be equipped with a Dustproof and Decontaminable Bodywork in PVC or Steel.

  • Automatic Radiological Measurements.    
  • Radiation Mapping of Unknown Area Using Robots.
  • Dynamically and Precisely Monitoring Dose Rates on Sites.

CERAP has Developed RADMAP, a Software for Visualising Mapping on a 2D or 3D Model.

Riumbox (connected sensor)

RiumBOX is a connected sensor, developped by our partner ICOHUP, that combines continuous and remote monitoring of radiological measurements (external exposure). Live measurements are tracked from a computer, tablet or phone and do not require HP Technician once installed.

RiumBox enables to:

  • Replace passive dosimeters at the edge of site fences. 
  • Replace or reduce the frequency of routines checks at storage area, waste, etc. 
  • Monitor filter radioactivity status with an algorithm to determine the dose rate threshold that alerts if change of filter is required

radiation protection training with Virtual reality

CERAP is delivering radiation protection training using Virtual Reality (VR) Equipment. The training product is designed via a game system that allows us to create custom scenarios and environments

  • Immersive training without the radiation risk .
  • New scenarios able to be Developed to customer desires.
  • Nuclear Power Plant and X-ray equipment Training Package available.
  • Portable Virtual Reality equipment to be taken to customer.


KIZEO is a business application that enables users and teams to create custom data collection forms and then deploy them simply to the modules and tablets of field teams (offline mode). It enables immediate and time-stamped traceability (no CFSI risks). As soon as it is created, the file is sent by email to the SPoC, who checks the document before sending it to the client. 

We have deployed the KIZEO solution for 1,220 devices for use across 71 buildings for our clients: 

  • 348 devices in weekly monitoring
  • 872 devices in bi-monthly control 

That is a volume of 3,136 monthly checks